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Winter is finally here for us here on the mountain. We have received about 5 feet of snow in 6 days. In fact we left our turkey with some neighbors at the bottom of the mountain to be picked up on Sun. Well we tried to get out on Thur. but could only go 1 1/4 ,mile when we have 6 miles to go. Had to turn around the Mog was just trying to push the snow and it couldn't do it. So now we have people working on how to get us out so we can get supplies. Right now we are okay until Sat, but then we are going to be scrounging for scraps or whatever we have left over. I hope they can figure something out. We will have our Christmas dinner later when we can get our turkey. It doesn't matter what we have so long as we are together. I hope that this winter goes away fast but I know that is not a reality. I am in a good mood but with a very sore body from shoveling snow for 3 days. We have to keep trails going to the animals to feed them, and try to keep the snow off the roofs. Oh boy is that a chore. The shed where we keep the horses hay, the roof there is bending so I guess that is another project for another couple of days. The dogs sure do love this kind of weather though. The horses don't like it too much. I don't like this much snow at all. We've only had this one other time. Well good night friends, will blog later on in the week.

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