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Valentine's Day

Have you ever felt like it's just been too much all at once? Well we have some great friends that are now in the process of getting a divorce, Hate to see that happen to good folks. Then today it seems like every little thing has just gotten on my nerve. So here I am trying to relax. So Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends. Hope your day has been better than mine.

Search and Rescue

So now we have search and rescue coming in to get myself and our daughter. The guys will stay here and look after the animals. They will bring in a friend of ours who knows how to run a D4 cat which we have but no one knows how to run it. Our friend will hopefully be able to push the snow out of the road so we can come and go. I guess we will find out tomorrow. I will be off line for a while considering where we are going I don't have internet access. So take care my friends, and we will re-connect when I get back home.


Winter is finally here for us here on the mountain. We have received about 5 feet of snow in 6 days. In fact we left our turkey with some neighbors at the bottom of the mountain to be picked up on Sun. Well we tried to get out on Thur. but could only go 1 1/4 ,mile when we have 6 miles to go. Had to turn around the Mog was just trying to push the snow and it couldn't do it. So now we have people working on how to get us out so we can get supplies. Right now we are okay until Sat, but then we are going to be scrounging for scraps or whatever we have left over. I hope they can figure something out. We will have our Christmas dinner later when we can get our turkey. It doesn't matter what we have so long as we are together. I hope that this winter goes away fast but I know that is not a reality. I am in a good mood but with a very sore body from shoveling snow for 3 days. We have to keep trails going to the animals to feed them, and try to keep the snow off the roofs. Oh boy is that a chore. The shed where we keep the horses hay, the roof there is bending so I guess that is another project for another couple of days. The dogs sure do love this kind of weather though. The horses don't like it too much. I don't like this much snow at all. We've only had this one other time. Well good night friends, will blog later on in the week.

Parents Gone Away

Well my parents have packed up and left for the winter, and without a word said to me. I tried to make it up to their place before they left but didn't make it. So let's say my husband is a happy camper now that they are gone for 6 months. I just thought that was disrespectful of them to leave like that. I am glad that they won't be here for the winter cause my husband said that he wouldn't help them if something happened to them, which hurts me, they might be stupid and selfish but they are my parents. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

Parents Again

It just seems to never end the way that I can get into trouble with my husband over my parents. They ran their truck out of gas and had no money to get some. I loaned them money and picked up the gas for them. My husband was pissed at me and said that he felt betrayed by what I had done. He knows that they are my parents but he is trying to get them to own up to their mistakes and stupidity. They will not be here this winter which is a good thing because if they were they would probably die here. My husband will not help them in any way. I try but now I am going to have to stop helping them so they will learn that they can not live here. They need to be in town where they can just walk to where they need to go. I am hoping I didn't screw things up real bad with my husband because I do love him very much. i don't like it when he's pissed at me.

Online scams

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I see people read these blogs, what I don't get is why no one has any answers. Surely some one has some ideas. Just put them out there and I'll let you know if it is a good one or not. What do you have to lose?
My mood: very confused

Teen Birthday

Today is our daughter's birthday she turned 14! What a great day we had! Of course one of the dresses that I got her didn't fit. So back to the store I go. It's hard living where we do for her. Her friends could not get here for her birthday, it was just family, and you know that just has to suck big time. I know I would be disappointed if it was me.She still had a good birthday. Thank God.

Parents #2

I found out a lot of information that I didn't have before. My mother spent 900.00 dollars on jewelry, and gave a bunch to my baby sister. Also when their cat got sick she wouldn't spend the money on him to send him to the vet. When he died they had this person (who told me this) put him in a dumpster. Now I just get sick to think they did that. My mother also slapped a Chihuahua across the room in a motor home. It wasn't even her dog. The owner said if she did that again she would kill her. As you can tell my mother is a psychopath. I think it is time to get a lawyer and have her declared incompetent and dad needs to go into a home. He is not able to take care of himself. I just wish my siblings would help me with this but I might be in it alone. I wrote to my baby sister asking for her help several days ago and I have heard nothing back from her. It kind of tells me where I stand doesn't it?


My parents came home yesterday, only they couldn't get in because of the snow on the road. They called my sister and she came today and brought them in and they took their truck out. My husband does not get along with them so now our paradise is  turning into hell. I will not hear the end of it, I try to block out as much of his swearing and name calling as much as I can. Sometimes I just don't listen to him or I walk away. My parents are hoarders, so you can guess what their place looks like. I just can't describe it. It's disgusting, and we live right across the pond from their place. I hope this summer goes by real fast. Maybe they will leave again for the winter. Any suggetions on how to handle this? I will welcome any help.
My mood: very crappy

More animals

We just brought home 10 baby ducks. Since we live without electricity we have to use a 12 volt brooder to keep them warm at night. Then during the day they need a light so they will eat. It takes  lot to raise them. We have a lot of animals now and since I'm not working yet it's hard to budget everything into a social security check that my husband gets. We have a very limited budget. The babies are so cute and I will do everything I can to have them grow up nice and healthy.

So Called Food Banks are Suppose to be there for you

Why should food banks be able to tell you where you can and cannot get food from? When I went to the food bank last month,(I have been going there for about a year), they told me that I can no longer get food there for our family because we live in another town. So this month I go for our elderly friends and this is the  way I get treated:  One volunteer told me, "I can't give you any food." I told her I knew that and that I was there for my friends. She says as long as you know that, and she told the manager that. The manager, Winnie, came up to me and asked me if they could get someone else to come and get it for them. No I am it. So as I wait by the door the madder I get for the treatment that I am getting. So I turn to the next guy in line and give him my number and say here take mine, cause I don't need this. By the time I get to my friends house I am in tears, and I tell them what has happened. I told my husband to go ahead and write the nastiest letter that he wants because I'm not putting up with that s--t. I apologized to my friends for not getting their food and she hugged me and said I shouldn't have had to be put through that.
My husband called a friend of ours who volunteers at this food bank and told her what they did to me. She said that I should have been able to get food for us because they were giving the other out of town families 30 days to find a new food bank. So she asked him what I did get and he told her nothing because I left after being treated like that. So she will be bringing it up to the committee, but we'll see. I am not a trouble maker and I am a very sensitive person, I would still like to see that manager get what's coming to her.


I had a good day today finished some art projects for a friend and tonight it is snowing again, even though they did not call for snow. It also hit down in town. I hope it goes away soon we would like to start our garden on time this year, and I can't wait to get back to work. When the snow finally goes away I'm going to be a very busy person. I will have the garden, my job, and riding my horses to do. I think that is a long enough list and then my daughter suggest that we do exercises on top of that. I asked her when she thought I would have time. She kind of hung her head and walked away, but I think I will try real hard to make time for this. She really wants to help me lose some weight although I don't need to lose too much just a few pounds. Wish me luck. 

Rain,Rain go away

It rained all day long. It rained so hard that we had to go out and dig several places so it wouldn't flood. We had to cut up a log that was across the creek and damming it up so the water ran down the driveway. We were totally soaked through when we got done. But, I still would not trade my place for a place in town. I love the mountains. I am going to die here and have my ashes spread all over the mountain top.

Night time is the right time

I'm sitting here having a couple of drinks and writing on my blog. My husband says YOU have a blog??? I said yes I do I like to write also. He writes all the time but it;s mostly to our really good friends. I like to write here cause I can write how I feel about anything. Now all I need is some music to listen to. I love Adele and Beyonce. So now to find some music and kick back. YEAH!!!!!


Today my husband and son went to town for supplies. My daughter and I stayed home, I tried to start our propane generator to do laundry and got nothing. So I had to use the gas gen. to start my laundry and charge up the battery for the other gen. When I got to the spin cycle I had to turn off the gas one because there is not enough power to spin the washer. I hooked up the battery and still got nothing. So needless to say I had to wring out all the towels by hand. When my husband got home we charged the batteries again and had to wait until they hit 100 percent and then was able to run them through the spin cycle. I got to thinking it would be nice to have one of them old time washing machines that have the hand powered ringer on them just in case something happens and we have no power. Remember we live in the mountains with only generator power. I still wouldn't have it any other way.

Time away

I just got home from 5 days away babysitting for some friends. It really does make the heart grow fonder when your away for a while. I know I missed all my animals and my family. Of course my daughter went with me seeing how it was her friends that I was watching. We had lots of fun but it sure is great to be home.
My mood: very happy

Keep your sanity in town

We went to town today and it was hard to keep my sanity intact with my husband saying things in the checkout lines. In one store he said they should have a sign out front that says "today is old, stupid and retarded day, enter at your own risk". He says this to me but I know the people can hear him. It is really embarrassing to me. I was finally glad when we got home. Now I can relax and be happy.

The mountains

I live in the mountains and what I see that other people do just drives me crazy. One time some one dropped off 4 pallets of garbage along with a cat. We found the cat but only after it had been there for days. It was nothing but skin and bones. We brought it home and tried to feed it but every time it ate it would puke it back up. It died the next day. So we gave it the name of "Lifesaver" and buried it with our other animal friends. I hate to see stuff like that going on. We turned it in and the people got fined for the garbage but nothing happened about the cat. My husband would like nothing better to do then tie them up to a tree and leave them to starve. I couldn't do some thing like that because I'm too nice of a person.  That was a bad experience. Then there is the quad riders, and what they do to the hillside is just not right, making their own little roads in the woods. That's what the main roads are for, driving on them. That's the way I feel, I would like to make a bumper sticker that says, "I LIVE HERE WHAT IS YOUR EXCUSE?"


I love to do art and crafts. I want to try and sell some of my art. I had a showing in an art museum but nothing sold. I had a lot of good comments on my projects. I don't know if it's any good or if my friends just say that it's good. I don't know what to do, my husband bought me a book on Etsy and how to set up an account. I guess I'm just plain scared to try it.

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